The Best and the Greatest That You Can Make Use of

The Best and the Greatest That You Can Make Use of

Modern wallpaper is more breathable than in the past: research has made paper more breathable and efficient.

The wallpaper singapore could lower the possibility of mold growth: mold is generated when it penetrates inside the walls and creates damp conditions. A quality wallpaper, combined with the first mentioned and necessary room ventilation, prevents this mechanism by protecting the wall.So do not be afraid of the “mold” factor or the “fungi” factor, also because the modern glues used contain substances designed to prevent their proliferation.

Types of wallpaper and characteristics: in cellulose, non-woven fabric and vinyl

Having dispelled these two myths, we give you some advice on which wallpapersingapore to choose for your home and your bathroom.

There are basically 3 types of wallpaper with very specific characteristics:

Cellulose wallpaper: it is the “classic” paper made with natural fibers. One of the most important elements is its “weight”, i.e. the layers that make up the roll of paper. Among the various choices it is perhaps the most “ecological”;

Non-woven wallpaper: the term “non-woven” means non-woven fabric. This type of paper is more recent and contains the coexistence of textile and synthetic fibers. Its qualities include resistance, impermeability and the ease with which it can be removed;

Vinyl wallpaper and plastic material: it is made up of a deeper layer, which adheres directly to the wall, and the more superficial one on which the “graphics” of your paper is printed. Its great success is attributed to the fact that it is a perfectly washable and long lasting product.

Which wallpaper to choose for your bathroom? Our advice

If you want to decorate your bathroom with wallpaper, it goes without saying that you should opt for non-woven or vinyl wallpaper. Their material characteristics allow their application in humid environments subject to temperature changes.

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